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Around the world, animals are suffering and need your help. Donate to one of our campaigns today:

Double your impact to give pigs a better future for Giving Tuesday

Pigs face a lifetime of pain and agony around the world. Locked in cages, unable to move or nurture their newborns, these intelligent animals suffer everyday of their life. You can give pigs and other farm animals a better life ?for Giving Tuesday by donating today to put a stop to cruel intensive farming practices on factory farms. Give today and your gift will be matched for twice the impact!

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Piglet at factory farm in Latin America

Double your impact for bears this holiday season

After facing a lifetime of cruelty in captivity, many bears at our partner sanctuaries in Romania and Pakistan no longer know how to hibernate. With a harsh winter ahead and limited funding due to the pandemic, your gift is needed to help keep them fed and safe. Give today and your gift will be matched for twice the impact!

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Pictured: a bear at the Romanian sanctuary

Caged for life for his bile. You can stop this.

Taken from the wild or bred in captivity, over 20,000 bears are currently confined to small cages so their bile can be sold for profit as part of the wildlife trade. Donate now to help end their nightmare.

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Pictured: A bear kept in a cage to fuel the bear bile industry.

Feed stray and abandoned cats and dogs affected by the pandemic

Stray and abandoned cats and dogs are suffering as a result of the economic downturn due to COVID-19. Donate today and you can show them human kindness by helping keep them fed.

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Vi har fodret hunde i Thailand

COVID-19 appeal: Hansel, Gretel, Myra and her twins need nutritious food urgently

Don’t let these once abused bears go hungry! Due to COVID-19, the Libearty Bear Sanctuary is struggling to provide food for their rescued bears. For only $33 you can provide nutritious food to five bears for one day.

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COVID-19 appeal: Feed starving elephants

The global pandemic has left captive elephants on the brink of starvation. Make a donation today so that they can get the food and nourishment they need to stay healthy.

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Sow the elephant at the Following Giants venue

Emergency appeal:?Feed rescued bears

With tourism shutdown due to COVID-19, our partner sanctuary urgently needs to feed and care for 106 rescued bears. Your gift today can ensure their survival.

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One of the resident bears at the Libearty Bear Sanctuary.

Stop the exploitation of tigers

Thousands of tigers in Thailand are bred for profit to fuel wildlife entertainment venues. This must stop. Your donation will give tigers and other animals a better life.

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A caged tiger.

Captive dolphins are suffering

Dolphins are stolen from the wild and forced to perform for tourists in the name of "entertainment". By donating you can help ensure this is the last generation of dolphins to suffer.

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Dolphins in captivity