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View our library of reports and publications on animal protection issues, from farming to marine mammals in captivity.

Meet our experts

Our Canada?office has a team of experienced individuals with knowledge on a wide range of subjects. To find out more or schedule an interview, please contact our media team.

Melissa Matlow, Campaign Director

Melissa has been leading successful animal welfare and environmental campaigns for nearly 20 years. After leading Earthroots’ campaigns to protect wilderness and wildlife in Ontario, she joined World Animal Protection in 2005 to protect the welfare of animals — wild and domestic — in Canada and around the world. As the Campaign Director she oversees the organization’s campaigns in Canada. Melissa has authored numerous reports and regularly advises government and companies on animal welfare policy. She also works closely with Canadian and global travel brands to phase-out harmful wildlife tourism activities. Melissa obtained a Bachelors in Environmental Science from the University of Guelph and a Masters in Environmental Studies from York University.

Melissa Matlow

Lynn Kavanagh, Campaign Manager

Lynn has worked in the animal advocacy field for many years, mostly focused on farm animal welfare. She is currently the Campaign Manager for the Raise Pigs Right and Change for Chickens campaigns in Canada. She received an MSc degree in Animal Behaviour and Welfare from the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada.

Lynn Kavanagh

Cassandra Koenen, Global Head of Wildlife Campaigns

Cassandra?has worked for over twenty years on global wildlife issues at IFAW and World Animal Protection creating cutting-edge campaigns. She now heads up our global work on the legal and illegal trade of wildlife as pets. That campaign recently launched the reports?Wild at Heart, an investigation into the illegal poaching of African grey parrots, Trending: Otters as exotic pets in Southeast Asia, which exposes the emerging trade of Asian otters as pets and Suffering in Silence, uncovering the global trade in Ball pythons.

Cassandra Koenen